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Winter collection

Hi all, in a few hours our new collection is dropping and we couldn’t be more excited! A fall collection became a winter collection, but we are so proud! It always takes a lot of work to design, make and photograph a new collection, but we did it again. 

This time for the first time we rented a location and a photographer and we couldn’t be happier with the results. UNWIND is entering the next level and wow what a year we’ve had. Thank you all so much for following my journey and enjoy this brand new collection. 


X, Lisa Romee

New Collection ’22

Hi all! 

Our New Collection ’22 is dropping in a few hours and I thought I’d write a little blog post on what’s been going on here. 

The last couple of months I’ve been busy designing the new collection. For me it always starts with looking for new materials and find new wholesalers to work with. Because I felt the essential collection and the pearl collection weren’t fulfilled yet I decided to launch a collection in the length of these two. There were just too many designs strolling around in my head without being on the webshop yet. 

‘New Collection ’22 is inspired by our core values: Pearls & Gold. I’ve let my mind flow when it needed to flow, and over the past months I’ve created this masterpiece of a collection. Enjoy this piece of art like I’ve enjoyed this process.”

With this collection going live in a few hours I’m already with my head at a new collection I am SO EXCITED to drop, if you’d only knew. Maybe it has something to do with summer? This will be our last new collection for this summery season and we’ll be back around September with a themed autumn collection. 

I mentioned in the last blog I would write some size guide blogs, but I won’t haha. I actually added a size guide to every product page to make shopping a whole lot easier. 


Lisa Romee

Welcome post

Hi all,

Welcome to our blog page. On this page you will find answers to your questions and some updates about UNWIND.

Soon I will post these blogs:

  •  Size guide rings 
  •  Size guide necklaces 
  •  Size guide bracelets 
  •  How to layer necklaces
  •  Unisex jewelry 

If you want to request a blog post, kindly let me now. For now; enjoy the website, and for the future; enjoy reading. 


Lisa Romee

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